Bulkhead Door Solutions

It is a blessing to have a walkout door from the basement to the back yard.  It is convenient to be able to walk directly outside without tramping through the kitchen or dining.  For those of us who enjoy gardening and summer activities, the walkout basement door is an important way to move materials in and out without creating a mess and cleaning crisis in the kitchen.

But the doors have one fundamental weakness:  they leak.  When rain is blown sideways, almost all basement doors will leak.  In addition to the normal water intrusion through the bulkhead foundation, one has to cope with water infiltration around the door itself.  Suffice it to say that you can expect at least occasional water leakage around your very important basement door.

The solution is similar to the rest of the foundation, in that a drain system is necessary to capture the water before it impacts the basement floor.  The trick is that you also have to deal with the water that comes from up top at the door.  A functional floor drain is needed to deal with this water and has become a routine part of our waterproofing approach.

The floor drain has to be substantial, however, and has to connect to a substantial subslab drain system that reliably moves water.  The small 4” round drains connected to a 2” pipe to nowhere are not sufficient.  They will clog in short order and become part of the problem.

The Basement Technologies solution combines a 4-5’ grate drain installed across the entry way of the bulkhead, connected to our Water Trek Aqua Route® drain system to a meaningful sump.  This approach is guaranteed to work and comes with the same lifetime warranty as our Water Trek drain system.  It handles water from any point in the bulkhead and door construction.  Our system eliminates water intrusion onto the floor and offers you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have solved the problem.