We’ve got the answer to all your basement waterproofing questions!

Q: Why is it better to fix it on the inside, instead of the outside?
A: A lot less money, less intrusive, & a life time warranty!

Q:  Why not just put in a sump pump?
A: A sump pump only collects water from a limited area, not the entire basement.

Q: How do you stop the water coming up through the cracks in the middle of the floor?
A: If you waterproof the entire perimeter of the basement, (from the inside), 99% of the time that will stop it. Because it’s coming in from, the outside of the walls & running in under the floor. You catch it where it comes in

Q: How do you get the water out of my block foundation?
A: When we waterproof we drill holes in the block underneath the floor. That allows the water to run into our system.

Q: Can I still finish off my basement after you install the system?
A: Yes, absolutely!

Q: How does the water get to the sump pump?
A: It travels through our patented Water Trek Aqua Route System to the sump pump.

Q: What about the water coming down my walls?
A: Great question! As we install our system, installing the Flexseal Rubber Wall Membrane is recommended. That directs the water into the waterproofing system.

Q: What if the electricity goes off?
A: We strongly recommend installing a Battery Back-Up Sump Pump.

Q: Can I just clean my gutters out & that’ll fix it?
A: That’s a nice myth. Once the water has found it’s way into a basement, it will continue to come in. Basement leaks do not fix themselves. The problem will continue to increase.

Q: Can I paint my walls with waterproof paint?
A: Paint will not stop the water. It’ll look great…until the first rain. After that you’ll have water & paint on the basement floor.

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