High Performance Sump and Pump Systems

You have undoubtedly seen many versions of a basement sump, including old buckets, solid tile, metal sleeves and plastic rounds that look similar to the garbage can.  Most of these sumps have performance deficits that go beyond their physical beauty challenges.  Often there is no easy way for water to get to the sump.  Some have no holes and water would have to leap over the top to enter.  Some have holes but are installed in heavy clay soil (remember we are at the bottom of a hole in the ground), where water percolates very slowly.  And most are not easy to cover, leading to unimpeded radon and soil gas migration.  It is definitely time for a more modern approach.

The Basement Technologies Water Grabber® Bull Dog™ sump pump system is a dramatic improvement in both performance and appearance.  The Water Grabber is square, which automatically gives it greater volume capacity than a comparable round sump.  The pumps cycle on less frequently and move more water when they do cycle on.  It is composed of high density PVC, which means it will never rust or corrode.  It has a bottom, which protects the pumps from silt and clay accumulation and clogging.

And water moves to the Water Grabber freely.  It is full of holes and surrounded by a bed of stone, which allows free water movement to the pumps.  And it connects directly to our Water Trek Aqua Route® drain system.  It is truly a Bull Dog™ when it comes to moving water.

When it comes to looks, however, the Water Grabber is a Golden Retriever.  It has a sleek, modern appearance that can be installed in a finished area without notice.  Its fitted cover is split, which allows for easy access for inspection and service of the pumps, without removal of the whole cover.  And the cover screws down for a secure seal that minimizes radon and soil gas migration.  It is a high performance system that does not look like your grandfather’s ugly sump.

Water Grabber Bull Dog – A revolutionary basement waterproofing solution!

Basement Technologies is proud to introduce our revolutionary new Water Grabber® – the “Bull Dog™”! Our unique patent pending sump pump system represents an innovative alternative in the basement waterproofing industry. Basement Technologies’ research and development department continues to “think outside the box” or in this case “Inside the Box” and as a result…the new Water Grabber® “Bull Dog™”!waterproof-watergrabberbulldog

Most of you are familiar with the old circular design that other waterproofing companies are content to use. Once again, Basement Technologies has proven that to be a leader in the business, one must continually improve old products and introduce more efficient new ones.

The circular pump liner that other waterproofing companies continue to use is simply not aesthetically pleasing and effective…Our answer to this out-of-style look and function is the “Bull Dog™”.

Your basement was built level, plumb and square – not circular. Historically, a sump pump is located on a straight wall or in a corner. Doesn’t it make sense to install a sump pump that fits snugly and attractively in your basement and emulates the building product look? – not a sump pump look!

The most effective waterproofing systems are installed on the inside of the home. When the interior drainage systems are installed, they need a central ejection device-a way to get the water to the outside of the home. Our patent pending Water Grabber® Bull Dog™ is the heart and lungs of our Water Trek Aqua Route® perimeter system. The Water Grabber Bull Dog consists of a patent pending drilled polyethylene basin with a split lid. We use 3/4″ gravel to surround the basin to help filter the water.waterproof-watergrabberranger

We install our alarm, The Grabber Pal II, in the basin to alert you if the pump has a mechanical problem or was unplugged accidentally, which can cause a flood. This alarm is float activated and far superior to sensor type alarms which other companies carry. We use a special rubber fitting called “The Silencer” over or under the lid dependent on a side discharge or top discharge to hush the already quiet pump

Water Grabber Ranger – Keep things from getting into or escaping from your sump pump.

Over the years Basement Technologies has recognized an unforeseen potential problem…a plumbing pipe burst or leak. Our waterproofing systems will solve any ground water problem – but what about a broken plumbing pipe? Our Water Grabber® Bull Dogs™ come with a sealed lid so gas and bugs do not get out, and kids cannot get in.

To solve an unforeseen plumbing problem we are now installing a specialty drain in front of each of our Water Grabber® Bull Dog™ installations. The drain will be countersunk into the concrete in front of the Water Grabber® Bull Dog™ sump. This special drain will not let gas or bugs into the living space and, at the same time, protect your basement from potential pipe bursts.

Stallion Eliminator – Eliminate unreliable sump pumps with the Stallion Eliminator!

An accepted reality in basement waterproofing is that all reliable basement waterproofing systems are based on a pumping unit. Pumping units are run on electricity and are a mechanical device prone to possible failure. Basement pumps-stallionTechnologies recommends Battery Backup Units and secondary pumps on all pump locations. The Stallion Eliminator is designed to be the best Battery Backup Unit on the market. Storms, power outages and unforeseen mechanical failure are all unforeseen realities. We recommend every Basement Technologies customer plan for the unforeseen.


  • Battery powered sump pump runs automatically during a power outage.
  • Provides a backup to your standard sump pump if it breaks down.
  • Automatic start-up
  • Self charging
  • Indicator lights on charger
  • Alarm sounds when pumping and battery won’t charge.

Basement Technologies’ Stallion Eliminator battery operated backup sump pump is designed to backup primary residential sump pumps in case of pump or power failure. A must for those installations where an inoperative sump pump can not be tolerated. Separate float switch and built-in alarm automatically starts the backup system and activates a warning buzzer to protect against high water damage and warn of primary pump failure.

The Stallion Eliminator is designed to provide emergency backup service for the primary pump in the event of a power outage. The pump will also operate if the main pump can not keep up with the water inflow.

PONI Battery Backup – Never lose sump pump coverage again!

A sub floor basement waterproofing system linked to a sump pump is considered by industry experts to be the most reliable and cost effective solution to basement water problems.

Consider the consequences of a power outage and a mechanical failure at the pump, it is highly recommended that homeowners install backups to confront any emergency situation.pumps-poni

The Basement Technologies PONI™ battery operated backup sump pump is designed to back up primary residential sump pumps in case of pump or power failure. A must for those installations where an inoperative sump pump can not be tolerated. Separate float switch and built-in alarm automatically starts back-up system and activates warning buzzer to protect against high water damage and warn of primary pump failure.


  • LEDs monitor battery condition, warn of reverse connection and faulty battery.
  • Sounds warning alarm when back-up pump is activated, with alarm light.
  • Maintains constant battery charge.
  • Separate pump test and reset button

The PONI™ Battery Backup can operate up to 8 hours continuously or 24 hours intermittently (depending on battery type and condition), and can be easily adapted to existing submersible or pedestal sump pumps with special adapter tee.

System includes: pump with built-in check valve, 1-1/4 X 1-1/2 inch diameter tee, battery box and control panel (battery not included)