Perimeter Waterproofing Drain Systems

Perimeter drain systems are the most common solution for wet basements, since water intrusion typically occurs at the foundation wall.  There are two joints at the foundation wall:  the joint between the footing and foundation, and the joint between the floor slab and footing.  We refer to these joints as “cold joints”.  Because these three components (footing, foundation and slab) are installed at different times, the masonry does not bond the way a concurrent installation of masonry does.  The seal is imperfect and provides a seam for water entry.

Water intrusion usually does not occur initially, since the tar seal applied on the outside surface of the foundation is able to withstand the water pressure.  Over time, however, the tar seal wears out and erodes, leaving the cold joint exposed to the water.  The erosion may take decades to progress, but once the water finds the seam it will infiltrate into the basement.  This condition cannot not repair itself and will only get worse over time.

A perimeter drain system should be designed to relieve the water pressure on the foundation wall components.  By definition, this means installing the drain as close to the footing/foundation joint as possible.  The old fashioned round pipe and stone systems cannot achieve this position.  The round pipe is designed to provide drainage down at the bottom of the footing, presumably from a rising water table known as “rising damp”.  The round pipe systems are ineffective in relieving the water pressure on the foundation wall, and often fail as a result.  Their depth of 12” to 18” is counter-productive, since they are moving water and silt that does not threaten the basement floor.  They are susceptible to clogging, and when that happens the game is over.

Basement Technologies has many tools to solve water problems, but the cornerstone of our tool box is the unassuming drain product called Water Trek Aqua Route®.  It is the reason that our customers are amazed at the effectiveness of our waterproofing systems.

The first thing you will notice is that the pipe is square (actually rectangular).  The shape is not accidental.  It is designed to fit into the corner space between the footing and foundation wall.  This space is where water enters into the basement, through the cold joints between the footing, foundation and floor slab.  As water passes through these cold joints, it enters our square drain immediately.  The water does not have to behave in any way.  As soon as it enters it is captured.

The Water Trek Aqua Route® is a superior drain system because it efficiently captures water from both the foundation wall and the subfloor areas as soon as that water enters.  The water is channeled either to the soil beneath the slab if it can accept it, or to a high performance sump and pump system if it cannot.  One of the most common compliments of our customers is that the pumps operate less often than previously.  The water is simply managed efficiently in the system.

The Water Trek product carries a lifetime warranty for several reasons.  The most important is that intruding water is captured as soon as it enters the basement.  In addition, the pipe simply does not clog.  The large holes on both sides allow water cross-flow and self flushing.  Its square shape gives it a greater effective capacity than the old style 4” round.  Its relatively shallow location also allows for the routine installation of clean-out ports, itself a revolutionary idea.

In addition to the performance advantages, the Water Trek products have a clean, modern appearance, including the square sump.  It is indeed a revolutionary approach to waterproofing.

Water Trek Aqua Route – The ultimate in basement waterproofing solutions


Your “Peace of mind” Water Trek Aqua Route® system will be designed and engineered by a Basement Technologies Technician and installed by a fully trained Basement Technologies Installation Team. Basement Technologies has and continues to install our patented Water Trek Aqua Route® system in thousands of homes throughout North America.


Cove Base – Protect your foundation and drain water out of it.

Each home and basement is different…and as a result Basement Technologies offers various Cove Base® designs that can accommodate your specific basement contour.

Basement Technologies Cove Base® is an integral part of the Water Trek Aqua Route® two-piece system. The various Cove Base® designs can hug a wall and channel water from the wall to the sub-floor Water Trek Aqua Route® system.waterproof-covebase

It can create a virtual airtight fit on most if not all foundations thus eliminating potential radon gas, sub-floor smells or insects from entering the living space. At the same time it enables water from above (on the wall) to drain into the Water Trek Aqua Route® system under the floor.

The various Cove Base® designs can be applied on any footing configuration and are easily adaptable to all sub-floor conditions. The slots on the bottom allow water from the footing to pass to the Water Trek Aqua Route® system.


Finish White – Finish and waterproofing your walls in one easy step.


The Finish White™ panel system makes your basement look like a finished room, and waterproofs at the same time. The huge expense of complete remodeling is eliminated. Now you can add a significant amount of living area to your home for a fraction of the cost.

Basement Technologies’ Finish White™ is the perfect finishing touch to your newly dry basement. It keeps your basement walls dry and beautiful. Washable, attractive, permanent and very cost effective – Finish White™ is the only choice for basement walls.